Privacy Policy

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Please read the following very carefully to ensure full understanding of our policy.

Information We Collect

The personal information we may collect will fall into the following categories:

(i) Information you provide: In the course of using our services, you may provide personal information about you, such as your name and phone number. This information is generally, but not exclusively, provided to us when you sign up for reminders via messaging.

(ii) Information we collect via cookies: We will also collect information via HTTP cookies. This information generally includes IP addresses. We will ask for your consent before using cookies.

How we process your information.

The data we collect is stored in a database. This database contains information such as phone numbers, names, and IP addresses. Your information is secure and is processed via HTTPS.

How to opt out of reminder messages

At any time you can opt out of our reminders by simply messaging to our number "C" and it will mark your number as cancelled.